Welcome back to our Style Series – a series of blog posts about different styles in interior design & architecture and how we incorporate them into our work! We’re continuing this time with the Traditional style!

Traditional design isn’t devoted to any one particular era or time period. Instead, it takes from a variety of directions and juxtaposes them with modern elements, although you’ll probably see 18th & 19th-century European decor highlighted quite often. What is most important is the space’s sense of character – this means a strong definition of period styles & ornamentations and furniture that mixes luxurious historical finds. This doesn’t mean only one time period will be represented! You’ll often find characteristics of multiple time periods in one room. Mixing these multiple pieces results in giving a room its sense of character referred to as a “layered look”.

In terms of color, strong hues are often used to add life and character. This includes yellows, blues, and anything considered more experimental or playful. Other aspects of the interior will follow this pattern of elegance and boldness: textiles will tend to be more varied and rich, accessories will be dramatic and decadent, etc.

The Town of Glen Ridge, NJ (on the National Historic Register) exemplifies several different styles of homes, including that of Traditional. The following pictures are just a few examples of our work in the Township!

Traditional Style Example from a Ridgewood project kitchen

Traditional Style Example from a Belleville Ave project kitchen

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