Are you looking to bring an industrial chic design into your home? Or are you looking for a loft-like accent wall? Maybe you’re looking to warm up a room while bringing in some rustic charm? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, take look at this modern product that helps you achieve this without laying a single brick! The product is a veneer of real brick that comes in several colorways, and it’s manufactured on a plastic grid backing that allows your installation to be quicker, easier & with uniform positioning.




The original wall was ordinary painted drywall, that was plain and uninteresting. Adding the brick results in a much more dynamic and interesting room with rustic charm that is perfect in a “modern farmhouse” design. Grout will be needed so choose a color and that works with the color of the brick you’ve chosen that gives you the look you’re going for. The grout is then applied between the bricks to create the authentic brick wall look without the expense or weight of a real brick wall!




Please note. This isn’t a job for anyone but the most talented and intrepid. The work is heavy, dusty and requires experience and skill so have your local tile installation person give you a quote. The end result is well worth it!


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