Bars in homes have been around for decades. However since COVID, the advance of custom home bars has exploded as entertaining at home increased exponentially – at first with family and then later, as quarantines expired, with friends.  Two of the most important factors to increase wellness and longevity are being with family and having good friends in your life.  Accordingly, homeowners started enhancing their home’s entertainment amenities, some installing bars at home, whether wet or dry, for their happy reunions.


What is the difference between a “wet” and “dry” bar?

A wet bar includes a functioning sink, and sometimes dishwashers as well as ice makers.  A dry bar has all the fixings of a bar, just without the sink, etc. The only difference is that wet bars have water lines and drains.

Can I install a bar myself? 

When installing a wet bar, plumbing permits are usually required.  Also, both wet and dry bars require an electrical permit if you’re running electrical lines (for outlets and to power appliances).  Keep in mind, having permits is a good thing as they protect you from unskilled subs and shoddy work.  Licensed subcontractors will install plumbing and wiring to Code, resulting in peace of mind and your safely…no leaks, no electrical problems, etc. Also, they are often also required you sell your home.



What are the latest home bar trends?

Ice-makers, beverage coolers, wine cellars, and charging stations have become must-haves in many homes.  Material options have grown to include more exotic woods, newer exciting tiles, many more choices in granite or quartz for countertops, and amazing new lighting options.  Also, increasingly homeowners are not as afraid to use vivid paint color colors.





GreenRose would be happy to assist you in coordinating all of this…from design to building and final permits.  As you can see from our pictures we are well-versed in creating custom bars catered to your home and your specific needs.


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