Welcome back to our Style Series – a series of blog posts about different styles in interior design & architecture and how we incorporate them into our work! We’re continuing this time with the Modern Farmhouse style!

Modern Farmhouse design is defined by its mix of warm rustic charm and minimalism. In fact, it borrows a lot from Scandinavian interior design, which focuses on functionality and incorporates natural materials like leather and wood. Furthermore, in the Modern Farmhouse style you’d probably find industrial metals and low-shine finishes.

Contrast is an important part of this design as well. Mixing old and unique fixtures with modern appliances, stark white walls with warm rustic pieces, organic accents with sleek furnishings – these are all ways contrast is utilized in a Modern Farmhouse design. The best of this style also has the best balance of contemporary and sophisticated living with natural and pastoral decor.

Here are some examples of Modern Farmhouse design from our own projects!

Modern Farmhouse example from the Covered Bridge kitchen and family roomSee more from Covered Bridge here

Modern Farmhouse example from Glenmere Drive - a front exterior shot and a deck fireplace shotSee more from Glenmere Drive here

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