Hello and welcome to our Style Series – a series of blog posts about different styles in interior design & architecture and how we incorporate them into our work! We’re starting this series off with Contemporary design!

What is Contemporary design?

It’s tempting to look at examples of interior design and attribute them to a “modern” style – but that would be inaccurate. “Modern” is actually its own distinct style that references specific time periods (& we’ll get to that in another post!), but Contemporary doesn’t refer to a specific time period at all. It evolves to reflect popular present day design and thus can borrow from lots of other styles, like art deco, minimalism, and, yes, even modernism.

That doesn’t mean you won’t see some common features of a Contemporary style! You can expect to come across neutral palettes, clean & simple lines, large windows with lots of natural lighting, and even recycled or natural mixed materials. This may sound like a description of a modern style as well, but keep in my mind that Contemporary spaces will generally incorporate softer & warmer elements and allow for more individuality and flexibility.

Here are some examples of Contemporary design from our own projects!

Hillside Ave, Chatham text below the property's contemporary open concept living area

3rd Ave, Asbury Park text below a picture of the a contemporary beach style living room

Hamilton, Basking Ridge text below a picture of the property's wood-centric kitchen

Want more Contemporary inspiration? Check out our pinterest board and our portfolio!